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Cloud telephony vs traditional PBX


When speaking about the difference between Cloud telephony vs traditional PBX you will find a great similarity on the features but it all comes down to the pricing in most cases.

The Difference

Traditional PBX systems require a management unit that has to be purchased and installed by a certified technician in most cases. An extension /client extension has to be purchased for every user on the system and In some cases there is a licensing cost involved on a per user basis. All features are available though from voicemail, to extension numbers and custom greetings, even transfer to cell features. the cost is around 2 to 3 thousand for a standard system with voicemail with 4 extensions. If you buy IP based is about 30% more. Office expansions and additional users might sometimes require you buy additional PBX extension modules that are pricy. Cloud PBX do not require a physical management unit at your premises, it only requires a good stable internet connection. For about 4 phones you will need approximately 500 kbps upload speed. For this kind of system you will only need to pay to a cloud based PBX provider for the line and PBX system usage plus the cost of the phones you will use at your premises. The price varies from 24.99 to 50.00 /mo depending on the provider but the features you gain are as if you were to buy an enterprise level PBX system. Some of the features provided are: – Voice, fax, free


Many companies are switching their systems to Virtual PBX providers because of the great features offered.   Courtesy of Call us if you have any questions or if you need assistance in choosing the right provider or need us to help you configure your network to ne Cloud PBX compatible!

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