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Managed Hosting vs. Unmanaged

When your site or application requires the freedom of a dedicated server rather then shared hosting, there are many providers and methods out there to get this server. The first and biggest question you often get asked is if you need Managed hosting or Unmanaged servers. This is an almost loaded question and you may not really know what you need.

The Difference

“Unmanaged dedicated servers” – this is a pretty scary term to the non-gurus, but in most cases is not as lacking in service as it sounds. The truth is that unmanaged dedicated servers (from here on out just called dedicated servers in this post) do come with some support. The hosting provider is still responsible for all of the hardware, the network, and even in some cases the OS. Managed hosting is a different bird altogether. Managed hosting is where your hosting provider will manage the hardware, network, OS, and even software installed on your machines. Some management packages even include provisions for application management and support – keeping your specific application up and working. You could say that Managed hosting is the big brother of a shared hosting account – your hosting provider still takes call of the infrastructure work – but you get the benefits of the added freedom of a server dedicated to your application and configuration


The bottom line is if you’ve got mission critical server needs and don’t have the in-house staff to efficiently keep your servers performing the way they should, then you are going to need managed services like VND offers. Even still it’s a more cost effective route then hiring your own staff and most likely you will receive a higher, more consistent level of service.

With a managed server at VND, you get access to our entire team to keep your server up to date and working and you can focus on your business. This type of service gives our clients not just the freedom of a server dedicated to your application but also saves you time and hassle and lets you focus on the other areas of work related to your website. One of the best things about working at VND is our vertical integration in the tech market. Our Hosting team work side by side Web and Design Engineers to help with the architecture of your application or site needs. By combining all the parts of the normal “web technology partnership” in one-house, we’re able to give our clients awesome sites and servers by sharing our expertise between teams.   If you have any questions please contact us at

VND Host

vndHost is a sister company of Visual Net Design, one of San Antonio�s largest web design firms. We offer web hosting, managed servers and racks, shared hosting and dedicated servers.

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